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About Us

What sets our publishing company apart? 


The name itself: Scrolls of Zebulon. Zebulon means dwelling, habitation, or home.


Zebulon was responsible for scribing the scrolls of old to record the history of his nation for posterity. Likewise, we desire to scribe the evidence of the revelations that this generation is receiving and experiencing for history's sake. 


Today’s authors need a publisher that understands the new eon of time that the ecclesia has entered and a place where the author is free to proclaim the now Word of Yahweh for His saints and this world. Combined with the in-depth study of God’s Word through ancient scripts and through empirical observations, Scrolls of Zebulon commits to release the revelation of all that Yahweh is shining His light upon. The ever-increasing knowledge and glory of Yahweh for all of creation must be made known. 


We desire to give authors a publishing company that they can call home - a safe place in which the revealing of revelation given to them by Yahweh is theirs and not owned by an institution. 



We publish your book & you keep 100% of your rights and royalties.


You can be a published author in just a few easy steps! Here are some services we offer:


  • Consultation of your manuscript so it can receive the best level of editorial needs

  • Professional editorial service to take your manuscript to the next level

  • Full custom color cover for front and back of your book

  • Professional interior format design

  • We provide ISBN, Copyright, and Library of Congress Number

  • High quality print service from small print jobs of just 50 books to high quantities

  • Upload your book to be sold Amazon

For more information about publishing your book and pricing please contact us at and we will have our publishing consultant contact you!



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